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For Clients

Orion is a gym designed to match clients with trainers based on their specific needs and goals. Our gym is available for clients to continue working with existing trainers in a private and clean environment. If a client is looking for a change or a new direction then we can certainly assist with introductions to various coaching options to utilize the space with. Clients are charged a monthly fee of $30 for utilization of the equipment in addition to the hourly rate they agree to with a trainer at Orion. Contact us today to get started with your existing trainer or if you are looking for a new start without any contracts.



I did not grow up working out and only started 10 years ago.  When I moved to San Antonio in 2019, I knew I needed to find a good trainer in order to continue to focus on my health and remain injury free. Alex began to help me, even before I had asked if he’d train me. He made me feel like I belonged and that he genuinely cared, no matter how old I was. We’ve been working together since March 2019 and he always makes me feel like I’m the most important person in the gym when he’s training me. He takes the time to teach (and reteach) me the proper form, he pushes me to work hard, and he’s always prepared with a challenging new workout suited just for me. I enjoy my workouts so much and appreciate the self-less, caring person Alex is.


Jolene Prescher

I have been training with Alex for over 8 years at 5 different gyms several times a week. I have had injuries, trips and life experiences during this time. Throughout, Alex has worked with me, creating individualized plans to ensure I was able to continue strengthening and maintaining my body without aggrivating the injuries. He helped me train for 4 half marathons. He has been incredibly flexibile with scheduling sessions when I have had to change due to work meetings, trips or personal events. Additionally, Alex has a heart for people and their well being.


L. Reeder


I started training with Alex over 6 years ago to keep my strength and stability.  As a runner for most of my life, I needed to incorporate resistance training that supported my running goals.  Alex has always provided a variety of challenging total body workouts to keep me in top running shape.  Paying attention to my goals and adjusting workouts while training for long distance events has helped prevent injury and given me the extra edge I needed.  Alex pays attention to each client’s fitness levels and goals. When I decided to also take up boxing and train for an event, he adjusted our workouts to compliment to boxing training.  This enhanced my endurance, core strength, agility, and focus.  

Having a clean gym with good equipment is a must!  Happy that the Orion facility provides an open and clean atmosphere with a large variety of equipment to get the best workout!  This is a place that makes working out fun and motivates you to bring your best!

M. Chamrad

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